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REACH Pikes Peak has been Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) site for over 10 years.

VITA is a program that allows individual/families whose annual gross income is $53,000 or less to have their taxes prepared at no cost by IRS trained and tested volunteers.  Completed returns can be filed electronically which allows refunds to be received in as little as seven to ten days.  This year Earned Income Tax Credit  (EITC) Awareness Day is Friday January 30, 2015. We need your help to capture the attention of those eligible for the EITC and motivate them to explore whether they qualify. How Can You Help? Get the word out about EITC Awareness Day through links on your website or sending out tweets.  Check out the ideas and the products you need by exploring EITC Central. For more information on EITC, go to the EITC homepage on or the EITC Toolkit at Quick EITC Outreach Kit.Over one third of workers who qualify for EITC are eligible for the first time this year. People move in and out of EITC eligibility due to life changes such as income amounts, marital or parental status. Each year the credit lifts about 6 million people out of poverty and over half of these are children. Last year, more than 28 million workers received nearly 66 billion dollars in EITC.

EITC is designed to “make work pay,” by supplementing eligible workers’ earnings with additional income. The amount of the credit varies depending on filing status, the number of qualifying children, if any, and the amount of earnings. This could mean up to $496 in EITC for people without children, and a maximum credit of up to $6,143 for those with three or more qualifying children. The average amount of EITC distributed is $2,400. This money not only helps workers and their families, but the communities in which they live.

Thank you for helping us capture the attention of those eligible for EITC, motivate them to explore whether they qualify and point them to no-cost options for return preparation—Volunteer Income Tax Assistance sites and Free File.

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