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Second Annual Community Giving Back Event

During hard times, Diane raised her children on her own. She was very driven and had to overcome difficult situations. Diane’s parents were very loving and did what they could to help. She finally came to REACH Pikes Peak for emergency food in order to just get by. There were a few times when she was unable to pay her utility bills and some of her rent as she was between jobs and her soon to be husband had been laid off. REACH was able to prevent her from falling further behind and stabilize her immediate emergencies. Her kids later grew up and left home. She began looking to her future as a business owner while she then took on raising her Grandchildren. She worked to maintain her home and provide for the new kids in her care. Her biggest struggles were clothing the children, which REACH was also able to assist with to get her through the rough spots. Diane is now a successful self-starter, business owner, well respected in the community and working with other business owners to bring opportunities to them through craft fairs, events and other venues.

Diane was so grateful to REACH Pikes Peak that last year she put together an event in order to give back. This was very successful and she is continuing the event this year. We are very proud of Diane and want to support her any way we can. Please come join us April 4th at our Fountain location!!

REACH Pikes Peak has been Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) site for over 10 years.

Giving Back Flyer 
VITA is a program that allows individual/families whose annual gross income is $53,000 or less to have their taxes prepared at no cost by IRS trained and tested volunteers.  Completed returns can be filed electronically which allows refunds to be received in as little as seven to ten days.  Welcome to the 2015 tax season!  This year we have MyFreeTaxes in your communities.  As you know, the household income limit this year is $60,000 for online filers.  Today, the IRS begins accepting e-files; we have followed its lead and has turned on the “FILE NOW” button on the MyFreeTaxes website, making the filing services now available for taxpayers.  please visit.

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